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Desktop Thermal Processing System

What is the SabreTube™?
  • The SabreTube™ is a desktop-scale machine enabling rapid innovation and precise control of thermal processes, such as growth of nanotubes/nanowires, curing of thin films, and heating of lab-on-a-chip devices.
Why is the SabreTube™ unique?
  • rapid heating
  • low cost
  • dynamic control up to over 1000 C
  • in-situ observation
Where is the SabreTube™ used?
  • research institutes, universities
  • industrial research labs
  • university teaching
SabreTube Features
Rapid substrate temperature control
  • up to 100 C/s
  • suspended resistively-heated silicon platform
  • modular heater assembly enables easy cleaning and replacement
Decoupled control of gas pre-treatment and substrate temperature
  • rapid “pre-heating” of gas enables growth of multi-millimeter carbon nanotube forests
Full-view optical access through quartz tube
  • adaptable for in situ characterization including laser measurement of film thickness X-ray scattering, etc.
More unique features
  • Atmospheric or low-pressure operation
  • Self-aligning lip seals
  • Non-contact IR sensor measures platform temperature
  • Quick, tool-free sample exchange
  • Small footprint (24”x12”x10”)
SabreTube Videos
Click here for the first ever in-situ videos of carbon nanotube growth, enabled by the SabreTube™ full-view optical access.
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[Article - PDF]

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A.J. Hart, L.C. van Laake, A.H. Slocum. Desktop Growth of Carbon Nanotube Monoliths with In Situ Optical Imaging, Small 3(5):772-777, 2007,
doi:10.1002/smll.200600716 [Article - PDF]

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Download specifications of the SabreTube here
Applicable for...
Chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
  • nanotubes, nanowires
  • piezoelectric materials
  • dielectric matierials
  • other (thin) films
  • patterned deposition
  • conductive traces
  • transistor rapid thermal processing (RTP)
  • thin films
Die-level processing and testing
  • bonding
  • research-phase device testing
Download application note on CNT growth here